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The Best Car To Rent In Uganda For Every Road Trip

The Best Car To Rent In Uganda For Every Road Trip

Uganda is one of the most exciting safari destinations and rightly so given it’s abundance of tourist destinations and things to do. Whether you are interested in tracking primates, embarking on self drive or driver-guided game drives, into adrenaline-pumping adventure sports, looking to sample Uganda’s rich culture, a camping safari or any other popular tourist activity- Uganda has got something for every type of traveler.

However, the majority of these attractions and activities can only be found in national parks and other remote destinations, and the safest and most comfortable way to get there is in a private rental car. Are you planning a road trip this season and would like to rent a car in Uganda with a driver or self drive adventure? You are in the right place. Find out which rental car best suits the type of road trip you will be embarking on.

  1.  Family road tripIf you are planning to travel with 5 to 9 family members, then you will need to rent a van in Uganda for total comfort. Some of the top vans ideal for family trips in Uganda include the 4×4 safari van (pop-up roof), Supercustom van, Toyota Commuter, Alphard and Ipsum for city tours.
  2. Group trip – Plan to explore Uganda as a group of friends, workmates or schoolmates and require a vehicle that can accommodate between 20 to 60 people, then the best rental car to book will be a minibus. The 28-seater coaster bus and coach re the two best minibuses for group trips in Uganda.
  3. Business trip –  Planning to explore the city, suburbs and remote regions of Uganda on a business trip or research project, then you will need to rent a comfortable SUV, sedan or 4×4 for up-country travel. Some of the best rental cars in Uganda ideal for business trips include the Land Cruiser Prado, Rav4, Harrier, Mercedes Benz, Range Rover Sport and Supercustom van among others.
  4. Uganda safari trip– The best car to rent in Uganda for park safaris and camping adventures is a four-wheel drive vehicle. Get a 4×4 with adequate passenger room, cargo space & high ground clearance for a safe and comfortable safari in Uganda. Some of the top 4×4 rental cars ideal for park safaris include the Safari land cruiser, Safari van, Rav4, Land cruiser Prado, Hardtop and Rooftop tent land cruiser

So if you are planning any of the above road trips, you can easily choose from the cars listed per trip to save money and time on your next tour in Uganda. To rent a car in Uganda for self drive or driver-guided trips, simply contact us now by sending an email to or call us now on +256-779232316 to speak with the reservations team.

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