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Top 3 Best Private Means Of Getting Around Uganda In 2023

Top 3 Best Private Means Of Getting Around Uganda In 2023

Uganda is one of the most popular safari destinations in Africa visited by thousands of tourists all year round. Whether you are visiting Uganda for a safari, business trip or a leisure vacation, there is no denying that you will get where you are going safely and comfortably if you travel privately. The public means may be cheap but they are not reliable and the risks of losing you cargo or arriving late are very high given they constantly make stop-overs for more people.

If you are planning to explore Uganda privately, then you should choose from these 3 transport means or services for a safe, comfortable and timely travel to the destination of your choice.

Rent A Car In Uganda

rent a car in UgandaBooking a rental car is arguably one of the best ways to explore Uganda whether you are planning to self drive or travel with a driver. There are a variety of Uganda car rental companies each offering different rental cars at varying prices and so be careful when making your choice. You should choose a rental car that can fit your travel budget and personal interests like cargo space and leg room to mention but a few.  A 4×4 car is ideal for park safaris, camping adventures, research projects and other up-country road trips while the SUVs and sedans will do the job when touring the cities and suburbs.

Planning to rent a car in Uganda for your next road trip, we at Uganda car rental deal will be more than delighted to get you a car that will suit you budget and personal needs. You can contact us now by sending an email to or call us now at +256-779232316 to speak with us.

Hail A Ride Online

safecar uganda 
If you find renting a car in Uganda very expensive, then you can go for the much cheaper online transport services. Uber, Safeboda & Safecar are by far the best ride-hailing companies in Uganda offering online orders using a smartphone app. You will need to first download the ride-hailing app for Safe Boda Or Uber and then pick a service you wish to use, it could be a car or Bodaboda.  Insert your current location and destination into the app and the nearest driver or rider will be assigned to you as soon as possible. You can make payments in cash or save money and use the app to make payments through mobile money. The drivers and riders from SafeBoda& Car plus Uber are well-trained and will make sure you get a safe and comfortable ride to any destination of your choice.

Book a charter flight

For those who dread sitting in a car for long periods of time during a road trip, you can always travel privately by air. There are various charter operators in Uganda ready to transport you to any serviceable airfield in Uganda whether it’s within a national park or remote region. Aero Link, Eagle Air, Kampala Executive Aviation, BAR Aviation among others. You can book a flight online directly with the agency,  through a tour operator or visit their offices and make a booking in person. Whatever charter flight you choose, be ready for a smooth and fast ride to the parks and remote regions of Uganda.

Traveling privately is the best way to explore any destination and you can make that a reality when you use one of the three private transport means above. Renting a private car and hailing a ride are by far the most affordable private means and you can always be guaranteed to get where you are gound safely and arrive in time.

Bryan Muhoozi

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