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What Is The Cost Of A Rental Car In Uganda?

What Is The Cost Of A Rental Car In Uganda?

The majority of travelers to Uganda nowadays prefer to rent a car for self drive or with a driver over booking a full safari package. Tourists enjoy the thrill of traveling in a private car and booking accommodations & activities by themselves, you will feel in control of the whole trip when you are arranging everything by yourself. If you planning to visit Uganda and wondering how much a rental car in Uganda will cost, then you should strongly consider reading through this article.

There are a variety of rental cars available for off-beaten-track park safaris, business trips, airport transfers, weddings, research projects and camping adventures among other travels. You have to be careful when choosing a car and pick one that can accommodate the number of people you are traveling with & their cargo but most importantly fit your travel budget and personal interests.

The price of a rental car in Uganda is determined by three major factors namely; car category, number of rental days and travel option – either self drive or with a driver.

1- Car Category: The cost of a Uganda rental car is dependent on the category or type of vehicle with minivans, minibuses & luxury cars being priced higher than SUVs & sedans. A safari land cruiser & tourist van price starts from US$ 100 to 150 per day with a driver excluding fuel while the Rav4 and Land cruiser series start from US$ 45 to 80 per day excluding fuel. Luxury cars like the Mercedes Benz & limousine will cost between US$ 200 to 320 per day with chauffeur & fuel

2- Rental days – Another major determinant of rental car costs in Uganda is the number of days a client will be using the car. The higher the number of rental days, the lower the price of a rental car and vice versa meaning you will save alot when you book a car for a month, months, year or more. Business travelers and researchers planning long term car rental in Uganda get to enjoy the full benefits by getting the cheapest price possible the more the number of days hence saving money yet still getting quality services.

3- Travel option – Renting a car in Uganda for self drive road trip is much cheaper than hiring one along with a driver. A self drive road trip not only offers freedom and flexibility but also cuts out driver hire costs hence helping you save some money. Different Uganda car rental agencies offer varying driver hire prices but the average price for hiring a driver in Uganda is US$ 25 per day minus car & fuel.

Still wondering how much is a rental car, you can check out our Uganda car rental prices table to get an insight of what the prices are based on car category and the number of days. To rent a car in Uganda for self drive or with a driver, simply get in touch with us today by sending an email to or call us now on +256-779232316 to speak with our reservations team.


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