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Top 4 Most Popular Vehicles For Hire In Uganda

Top 4 Most Popular Vehicles For Hire In Uganda

A vehicle is simply a machine built to transport people or cargo from one destination to another. The term vehicle refers to various moving machines that include cars, bicycles, railed vehicles, water, space & air crafts. There are a variety of vehicles for hire in Uganda ideal for self drive and guided trips on land and water and in this article we will brief you about

1- Cars

One of the most popular and used vehicles in Uganda is a car; a motor vehicle that runs primarily on four wheels seating between 2 to 8 people mainly used to transport people. There is a variety of car types in Uganda with the most popular ones being 4×4 cars, minivans, luxury cars, minibuses, SUVs, hatchbacks and trucks. There are several ways to get a car in Uganda including renting, buying or hailing a ride from Uber / SafeBoda. You can easily rent a car in Uganda for self-drive or driver-guided trip by simply sending an email to or chat/ call us now on +256-779232316

2- Motorcycles

Another popular vehicle for hire in Uganda is the motorcycle; a two to three-wheeled motor vehicle steered by a handlebar while seated on a saddle-like seat that can carry up to 2 people comfortably. Motorcycles are used for a wide range of different purposes including passenger transportation (bodaboda), commuting, racing, and off-road trips. If you are looking for fast trip to your hotel or residence in Kampala city or the suburbs, then the best idea is to hail a boda boda ride through SafeBoda– it is cheaper and much safer than the public bodabodas. The motorcycles present the best option to maneuver through traffic jam especially in the morning and evening hours.

3- Buses

A road vehicle that carries more passengers than an average van or car is the best way to describe a bus. Commonly used for public transportation, the bus can accommodate between 30 to 100 passengers in versions of single-decker and double-decker buses. One of the most popular minibus for hire in Uganda is the Rosa & Mitsubishi coaster bus widely used for sightseeing trips and airport transfers while the much larger coaches are used to transport people and cargo from the city to villages and other remote destinations. Would you love to rent a coaster bus in Uganda for your next group trip or airport transfer- we at Uganda Car Rental Deal will be more than delighted to offer you our services.

4- Boat

Another popular vehicle in Uganda is the boat; a watercraft used to transport people and cargo from one destination to another on water. They can be propelled by manpower using paddles, by wind or inboard fuel-powered motors. Some of the most commonly used boats in Uganda include canoes, fishing boats, cruise boats, ski boats and rafts for adventure sports on the Nile. You can book a boat trip, sundowner cruise, canoe ride or any other boat for hire in Uganda with us today.

With that said, if you are planning to hire any of the above vehicles in Uganda for self-drive, driver-guided tours, water trips, solo or group road trips- we at Uganda Car Rental Deal will be more than delighted to offer you our services. Just contact us now and book your vehicle online.

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