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4 Easy Step Guide To Renting A Car In Uganda

4 Easy Step Guide To Renting A Car In Uganda

Uganda is among the top African safari and business destinations thanks to its good security, transport and communication network. The welcoming people, abundant wildlife, rich culture and numerous business opportunities attract thousands of travelers each year.

Are you planning to visit Uganda for a safari, business or leisure holiday? you will need to book private transportation for a safe and comfortable tour. Whether you are planning to tour the city, national park or remote up-country destination, there is no denying you will get a great experience in the comfort of a 4×4, SUV, minivan, truck or bus. You can either opt for the much cheaper and flexible self drive adventure or travel with an experienced driver with good knowledge about Uganda’s places and roads.

In this article, we will break down for you steps taken to rent a car in Uganda online in the comfort of your home or office in any part of the world. Before we dive in, lets take a look at some of the top requirements for driving in Uganda.


  1. You must be between 23 to 70 years of age to drive a rental car.
  2. A valid driver’s license for the past 2 years for East African citizens.
  3. A valid International Driver’s License for foreigners.
  4. National ID and or passport
  5. Agree to the car rental terms and conditions of the company

Steps to Rent A Car In Uganda

1- Get Online & Search

Get out your phone or laptop and go online in search of a rental car or service. You can use search engines like Google to get a listing of some of the top Uganda car rental companies ready to offer you a requested rental car or travel service. You can type in a phrase including rental car or service and ending with Uganda for example- Rent a car in Uganda, Car rental Uganda, self drive in Uganda or something like that and you will get results for the top 10 results on first page.

Dont go for the first websites you see in the first page, you have got limitless options so take that chance to open as many as you can before inquiring.

2- Inquire

The next step to renting a car in Uganda will be to inquire about the availability and price of a rental car or travel service. You can easily get in touch with the reservations team through the website contact form, sending an email directly to the provided company mail ( or or calling the office telephone lines. Once your inquiry is received, they will reply you as soon as possible with availability and prices which are fully negotiable. Remember the higher the number of rental days, the lower the price and vice versa. Always ask for a discount if you are a return customer or renting for more than 2 weeks to months.

3- Compare

Having sent inquiries to numerous Uganda car rental agencies and received replies from the reservations team, the next step will be to weigh your options. Compare car hire rates and choose a company offering you the best deal in terms of cost, terms and conditions. However, be careful and avoid going for very low rates because you might end up with a very bad car or fall prey to fraudsters.

4- Confirm reservation

Once you have received the reply, negotiated and finally come to a final price, the next step is to confirm the reservation of the car or service. An invoice will be sent to your email including all details plus the company bank account where you are expected to make a 30 to 50% deposit of the total amount. You can make direct transfers through your bank or opt for the much more convenient online payment modules like PayPal & Pesapal. You won’t need to deposit if the rental date is less than a week away making full payments on the day of arrival.

Once payment is reflected on the company account, you will be notified and your rental car or service reserved for you.

Are you planning to visit Uganda this season and wondering how to get private transportation easily? just follow the above 4 steps and you will get any car or service that suits your budget and interests. To book a rental car in Uganda today for self drive or with a driver, simply send us an email to or call us now on +256-779 232316 to speak with our reservations team.

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