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6 Tips To Help You Save Money On A Uganda Car Rental Deal

6 Tips To Help You Save Money On A Uganda Car Rental Deal

A new year is here and as usual travelers from across the globe will be visiting Uganda on safari, business or leisure vacations. The good political stability coupled with tight security, good transport and communication networks means you can explore Uganda safely and comfortably whether it’s a self-drive road trip or a driver-guided tour. Are you planning to rent a car in Uganda in 2024 and would like to get the best deal while saving money and time, we at Uganda Car Rental Deal present to you some useful car rental tips guaranteed to give you that deal you deserve.

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1- Make early reservations – This is a very important tip especially if you are travelling during the high season. Not only do you stand the chance of missing out on a suitable car if you don’t book early enough, you also miss out on the early booking discounts offered by the majority of Uganda car rental companies including Tellanza Car Rental. So endeavor to book at least 2 to 3 weeks before arrival.

2- Choose a spacious rental car – Don’t only think about the price when you decide to rent a car in Uganda this 2021, take into account the size of the car’s interior and trunk before making a choice. The number of people you are travelling with plus luggage have to fully fit in for comfortable road trip. If you are traveling with 4 passengers, you can decide to go with a simple SUV like Rav4 but if you are more than 5, then you have to rent a safari van in Uganda that can easily accommodate both.

3- Give out complete information – When booking a rental car online or by phone, make sure you give the reservations team as much information as possible. Flight details, pick-up point (hotel/ residence), mobile phone number, travelling with children, driver’s license among other useful info the car rental reservations team may require.

4- Always make a deposit – Most of the Uganda car rental companies require a deposit to be made to confirm reservations of the rental and if you decide not to make a deposit and wait till arrival, then you are in for a surprise as you risk not finding the car you had earlier requested. The company will offer it to another client who made a deposit and get you an alternative ruing your trip before it begins. You can make a deposit of 30% to 50% and rest assured that your car is reserved.

5- Avoid airport pick-ups – You will save a lot of money on your car rental deal if you pick-up the rental car from the office premises or hotel/ residence in Kampala. The majority of car rental companies add a hidden extra charge to your rental if you pick it up from Entebbe airport as a way of compensating for fuel used to transfer the car from the offices to Entebbe.

Go for self drive – Driving yourself will also help you save money since you cut out driver’s cost of food and accommodation. Privacy and flexibility are the two major advantages of self-drive option but saving that money for other things on the trip is an added advantage. All you require is a GPS or a phone’s Google Maps app and you are good to go.

Planning to explore Uganda in 2024 and would love to rent a car for self drive or driver-guided trip, the above tips will help you make the right decision for a money-saving car rental deal in Uganda. You can book a car online by sending your request to or calling us now on +256-779232316 to speak to our team.

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