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Top 5 Cheap Rental Cars In Kampala To Book For Self Drive

Top 5 Cheap Rental Cars In Kampala To Book For Self Drive

Situated 43.9 km from Entebbe off the shores of Lake Victoria is the capital and largest business hub in Uganda- Kampala city. Originally built on seven hills, Kampala is ranked highly among the fastest-growing cities in Africa with good transportation and communication network making it an ideal destination for safari tourists, business & leisure travelers. There are various reasons why tourists visit Kampala city but the majority use it as a starting point for exploring other destinations, getting a chance to sample the way of life while doing some shopping before they head off for an adventure.

If you planning a private tour in Kampala city, then the best idea will be to rent a car in Kampala for self drive trip or a driver-guided tour. There are numerous rental cars available but you have to be clever and choose one that suits your personal budget and interests as well.

Uganda Car Rental Deal presents the top 5 cheap rental cars in Kampala city you can book for a private, safe and comfortable road trip.

  1. Toyota Rav4 – 4×4 crossover SUV seating 2 to 5 people comfortably ideal for business and leisure trips around the city. From US$ 45 per day for self drive excluding fuel.
  2. Premio – 3-box body saloon car can seat up to 5 people comfortably with spacious cargo space in the rear. From US$ 35 per day sefl drive excluding fuel.
  3. Vitz – Another very cheap rental car in Kampala is the small Vitz that can seat up to 5 people ideal for couples and solo travelers. From US$ 30 per day self drive excluding fuel.
  4. Land cruiser 2008 – 4×4 full-size SUV can be used for city tours on business or leisure holiday. From US$ 60 per day self drive excluding fuel.
  5. Super custom van – If you a re traveling as a family or small group and want a cheap van for hire in Uganda, then you should consider the Super custom van. From US$ 65 per day self drive excluding fuel.

So if you are searching for cheap car rental in Kampala, then you should strongly consider hiring one of the above 5 rental cars. You can get in touch with us today by simply sending an email to or call us now on +256-779232316 to speak with our team.

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