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Top 3 Most Popular Land Cruisers For Hire In Uganda

Top 3 Most Popular Land Cruisers For Hire In Uganda

The Land Cruiser is a 4×4 vehicle manufactured by Toyota Motors in four body styles namely hardtop, station wagon, convertible and cab chassis. Accommodating up to 5 people comfortably with a spacious passenger room and cargo space, the land cruiser is one of the most revered 4×4 cars for hire in Uganda ideal for both city tours as well as up-country overland trips.

There are a variety of rental cars in Uganda offered by various Uganda car rental agencies ideal for park safaris, business trips, leisure plus special occasions like weddings and the land cruiser can be booked for all these four travel services. The 4×4 mechanism coupled with high ground clearance means the land cruiser can traverse the rough terrain in the parks and remote regions while also operating on city streets.

There are a variety of land cruisers for hire in Uganda and so choosing one that suits your budget and personal needs can be a hard task and that’s we at Uganda Car Rental Deal have decided to help you make the right choice by choosing from these three popular land cruisers models or series.


Top 3 Rental Land Cruisers In Uganda

1- Safari Land Cruiser

The safari land cruiser can easily feel the shoes of the ‘King Of The Jungle’ when it comes to the strongest and most reliable land cruisers in the world. Used as early as colonial and exploration days, the majestic safari land cruiser is arguably the most popular 4×4 safari car in Uganda ideal for park safaris, camping adventures, research projects, filming and photography. Seating between 7 to 9 passengers, the land cruiser features a pop-up roof ideal for game drives as well as a cooler box for refreshments with adequate space for cargo in the rear and rooftop plus well spaced seats for total comfort during the road trip.

2- Land Cruiser Prado TX

Planning to rent a land cruiser in Uganda that can be used in the city and on up-country road trips, then look no further than the Land Cruiser Prado or simply known as Toyota Prado. The 4×4 Land cruiser can accommodate up to 5 people comfortably with an AC, MP3/CD players, FM radio transmission not to mention adequate cargo space and leg room. The Prado can be rented for business trips around the city, leisure holidays, weddings, airport transfers as well as safaris given its full-time four-wheel drive and high-ground clearance.  Some Land cruiser Prados have been customized with pop-up roofs and roof-top tents for those that love camping safari adventures.

3- Hardtop Land cruiser

The Hardtop or Land Cruiser J40 is another popular land cruiser for hire in Uganda manufactured between 1960 to 2001. The Hardtop land cruiser has an outstanding traditional body-on-frame style available in short, medium and long wheelbase versions. The Hardtop’s ability to traverse rough terrain an steep slopes is barely down to the full-time 4×4 mechanism as well as hard body with high-ground clearance. If you are planning a camping safari adventure, business project, research, filing or photography in Uganda, then you should consider booking the J40 land cruiser.


As we said, there are plenty of rental land cruisers in Uganda but if you are looking for affordable, strong and reliable cruisers, then the above three fit the bill. You can hire a land cruiser in Uganda for self drive or driver-guide trip by simply sending us an email to or call us now on +256-779232316 to speak with our reservations team. All our land cruisers are well serviced after ebvery road trip so you can be assured of a safe and comfortable road trip.

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