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4 Reasons The Safari Van Is A Perfect 4×4 For Uganda Safari

4 Reasons The Safari Van Is A Perfect 4×4 For Uganda Safari

The success of any safari is highly dependent on a reliable 4×4 car, a good driver-guide and affordable accommodation. A strong and reliable 4×4 ensures you enjoy a safe and comfortable road trip no matter the terrain, muddy or steep in any off-road destination. Uganda ranks highly among the best safari destinations in Africa offering a wide variety of exciting tourist activities for every type of traveler including solo tourists, couples, families, small & large groups. From primate trekking adventures & game drives to water adventure sports and hiking, you will fall in love with Uganda in an instant.

Planning to embark on a safari in Uganda as a family or small group and still haven’t decided which vehicle to use for the trip, let us help you make the right choice that fits your budget and personal interests. There are a variety of 4×4 cars for hire in Uganda perfect for small groups and families but none beats the safari van. Seating up to 8 passengers with a pop-up roof, you can go wrong when you decide to choose the safari van for your next group safari in Uganda and below are 4 reasons to back that up.

1- Four-Wheel Drive – The ability to power all four wheels simultaneously is what a 4×4 is all about and that is on full-time when you decide to rent a safari van in Uganda for a safari adventure. The majority of tourist attractions like parks are situated in some of the most remote regions of Uganda with poorly paved roads and rough terrain hence driving in a 4×4 is always the right choice.

2- Special features – A safari van is customized for park tours and that is evident by the pop-up roof which allows tourists to pop out their heads and get clear views of the wildlife they enjoy in nature’s breeze. Other special features include a cooler box for refreshments, an interior charging socket, MP3/CD & Flash disk player among others all to give you a comfortable road trip.

3- Space – Another top reason why you should hire a safari van in Uganda is its interior’s adequate space for both passengers and their cargo. The well-spaced adjustable seats coupled with a high roof and cargo area in the rear and rooftop ensure tourists enjoy a comfortable road trip. The space will also increase when you leave the cargo behind at the hotel or safari lodge meaning you get the best game drive experience.

4- Affordable –  The safari van is one of the most affordable family-size and group 4×4 vehicles for hire in Uganda with prices ranging from US$ 70 to 100 per day excluding fuel. The safari land cruiser and coaster buses are two other popular 4×4 vehicles but their prices are quite scary ranging from US$ 160 per day to 200 per day excluding fuel hence the best option is always a safari van if you wnt to save money on your Uganda safari adventure.

If you are planning to enjoy a safe, comfortable and low-cost Uganda safari adventure in a 4×4, then you should consider choosing the safari van for your next family or group trip. To book a safari van rental in Uganda this season, simply contact us now by sending an email to or call us now on +256-779232316 to spek with our reservations team.

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