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Top 7 Factors That Influence Rental Car Prices In Uganda

Top 7 Factors That Influence Rental Car Prices In Uganda

It is usually difficult to accurately determine the real or standard rental price of a car. Travelers planning to rent a car in Uganda for the first time tend to have certain myths about car rental like how expensive it is, repair or maintenance costs in case of damage, insurance policies and how much effort and time is put in during the whole booking process.

Forget about the rental myths, you can easily determine the right price of your rental car by examining factors that influence them and based on our recent research, these top 5 factors will greatly reduce or increase the price of a rental car in Uganda.

  1. Age of car – The manufacturing or market supply date of a car will string affect the hire rate as the newer or latest year makes always cost way more expensive than an old car makes say 2000 to 2005. As old-made as thye may be, these cars are always well-serviced and frequently hired by tourists on a low budget.
  2. Car Category – Another way you can determine the rental price of any car in Uganda is by looking at the type or category it falls under. There are a variety of Uganda car rental companies offering varying car categories each with a different standard price tag. The safari car prices range from US$ 80 to 150 per day including a driver while sedans & SUV prices range from US$ 40 to 60 per day based on self drive.
  3. Booking season – The months you decide to travel to Uganda may also affect the price of your rental car whether on self drive or with a driver. The peak season months are always flooded with tourists meaning the demand is high and if you don’t book early, you risk getting a high price for your car.
  4. Car Brand & Model – The brand of the rental car is also equally important when determining rental prices. A majority of Uganda car rental companies will charge high for German, UK & USA brands while the very popular Toyota brands are can be rented out at cheap prices. Majority of the 4×4 safari cars and minivans are Toyota made so you can expect affordable rates.
  5. Booking method – The means or ways you use to make payments on your rental car in Uganda is also a string determinant of the final rental price. The top 3 ways of making car rental payments in Uganda and include online payment (Paypal & Pesapal), direct bank transfer, mobile money transfer or in-person and each of these ways has a charge higher than the other.
  6.  Rental Option – You can either decide to self drive Uganda or travel but the former is always cheaper but may turn out tio be expensive in the long run if you don’t drive carefully or follow the traffic rules. A self drive car rental cuts out the driver hire costs which normally range from US$ 20 to 40 per day depending on the car type.
  7. Hidden Car Rental Extras – The majority of Uganda car rental agencies add hidden costs to the price of rental cars. Some of the top hidden car rental extra costs include fuel fees when you decide to pick-up car from the airport, GPS rental, insurance & government taxes. You can avoid the airport pick-up and GPS to save some money.

Are you looking forward to rent a car in Uganda and want to get the best price possible, the you should stringly consider the factors above for a good estimation of the pricing. Uganda Car Rental Deal is one of the premium car rental agencies in Kampala ready to offer you any type of car at unbeatable prices guaranteed to fit your budget as well as personal interests. Get in touch with us today by filling in this contact form or by simply sending an email to Alternatively you can call us now on the hotline +256-779232316 to speak with the reservations team.

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