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A self drive trip is an exciting overland road trip that always gives you a unique experience, the privacy and flexibility to travel to any destination of choice at your own pace is a dream for any adventure seeker. However, Uganda is a large country and exploring it is no easy task whether you touring cities, suburbs or remote regions.

You will need to travel with a GPS – Global Positioning System device to act as your personal tour guide. The car GPS features estimated distances and routes taken to get to any destination within Uganda plus additional information about nearby places of interest like gas stations, national parks, banks, hospitals or garages.

Forget about getting lost when you rent a car for self drive in Uganda, add a car GPS device for as low as US$ 10 per day. Our plug & play smart GPS can be easily set up on the car dashboard or windshield with easy-to-use features and setup. You can rent a car and GPS in Uganda and embark on a self drive trip around Kampala city, suburbs, national parks or any other destination of your choice. Get in touch with us by sending an email to or call us now on +256-779232316

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